21st TO 25th



Bogota - Colombia

XIX Expocaire 2020

Participate in the leading trade fair of the CLIMATIZATION AND COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL REFRIGERATION SECTOR in Latin America.

EXPOACAIRE has positioned itself as the most important commercial and industrial refrigeration and air conditioning sector fair in Latin America, where manufacturers and technical experts from all over the world share their knowledge, innovations and technological trends.

Attendee Profile:
  • Presidents and general managers, businessmen, investors and professionals of the industrial sector who have the capacity to make decisions to purchase goods and services.
  • Contractors, distributors, engineers, maintenance managers of the industrial sector and other industry professionals
  • Representatives of government entities oriented to promote and make use of environmentally sustainable technologies and energies.
  • Energy service companies (ESCO), project engineering firms, with non-conventional renewable energy
  • Professionals and experts in urban planning
  • Operation and maintenance personnel, engineering, purchasing and related areas, of companies or contractors of associated goods and services.
  • Leading educational institutions for training programs on topics related to the sector.
Photo: University of Rochester
Why attend?
  • Learn about trends, best practices and solutions in the industry, with the technical training program.
  • Construction and strengthen business and professional relationships
  • Find technology solutions and suppliers that help you reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Learn about financing options for your teams and projects.
Did you know that…?
  • The construction sector consumes almost 3/4 of the total electricity generated and can achieve great savings if it designs, operates and maintains its air conditioning and cooling systems properly.
  • Food waste can be mitigated with a good cold chain.
  • Thermal districts are innovative solutions, with less environmental impact.
  • The rapid pace of change in our sector is amazing, as are the opportunities.
Photo: University of Rochester

Participating sectors:
  • Agroindustry: flowers, fruits, horticulture, vegetables, cannabis.
  • Food: carbonated drinks, dairy products, meat products (chicken, fish, canned foods, etc.), concentrates, fats, flours, dairy products.
  • Accommodation and recreation: recreation centers, clubs, hotels, restaurants, compensation funds and the like
  • Commerce: chain stores, shopping centers, department stores Construction: designer and construction firms, auditors Education: universities, technical schools, Sena
  • Financial: bank headquarters, data centers
  • Industry in general: graphic arts, confectionery, mills, oil, plastics, textiles Institution or government
  • Laboratories: cosmetics, pharmacists, clinicians
  • Telephony and networks, computer centers, telephone and cellular companies Health: clinics and hospitals
  • Logistics: distribution centers, logistics centers, refrigerated transport, air and sea ports, cargo terminals
  • Public services: energy companies, natural gas supply companies

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