XXXII FIB closed edition with the best sample in technology and equipment for the industry

With the participation of the best exponents of the industrial sector from 27 countries in Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean, the XXXII edition of the flagship event of Corferias, the BOGOTA INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRY FAIR with nearly 45,000, closed professional visitors


This business platform and exchange, knowledge and experience scenario is consolidated as the ideal space for each of the links of the business and industrial sector to present the best of the industry and the latest trends that allow the increase of the productivity of the Companies


For more than six decades, the FIB has managed to become the engine of development of large companies, on the stage to realize business and get in touch with professional visitors who see in the fair an alternative of productivity and development for their companies and productivity of the country.


In this regard, Lilian Conde, FIB project manager, said: “with great success we closed the XXXII edition of the International Industrial Fair of Bogotá. We have more than 700 exhibitors and about 45,000 professional visitors. The satisfaction expressed by the exhibitors, by their contacts achieved and by the business prospects that they have from their participation in the fair, exceeded their expectations”.


Suranjan Gupta, executive director of EEPC India and an ally of the FIB, said that “the Fair adapts to the profile of the companies that came with the delegation. It was a great experience and both exhibitors and our team ensure that this is the best exhibition we have had in the last 10 years worldwide. Without any doubt we will be present again. ”


Jaime Franky Rodríguez, Vice Chancellor of the National University - Bogotá Headquarters, said that “events like FIB are very important because they handle interested audiences and experts that are related to a direct debate. The fair allowed the National University to present the trajectory that the institution has in terms of research on issues related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution”.


For his part, Daniel Mitchell, president of Acoplásticos, said: “the balance of ColombiaPlast- Expoempaque 2018 is very positive. We had a large number of visitors with a good profile and the exhibitors have expressed their interest, not only to participate in the 2020 edition, but to increase the area of ??their exhibitions and that is the best example of the success of the fair. Regarding the commercial sample we have total satisfaction”.


Likewise, Giovanni Barletta, president of Acaire, said: “We found a lot of reception in the public, exhibitors and final customers, who participated in our pavilion to get involved in each of the conferences we offer. I believe that we are in a process where we consolidate ourselves as an important element in the FIB”.


Juan Manuel Lesmes, director of the Chamber of Fedemetal de la Andi, said that “we had a phenomenal success with our prefabricated ANDI House, due to the participation of visitors and the interaction to try to know this type of solution for Housing of Interest Social. In academic matters, our forums closed successfully. Parallel to this, our participation in the Forum of India was incalculable, because the possible strategic alliances that can be generated, will give optimum results. Without a doubt, the FIB is the most important of all the sectors in the country and this year showed a new impulse”.


Tom Xie, manager in South America of the company Ningbo Bole IMP, producer of plastic injection machinery, said that “events such as the Fair where multiple companies of the world industry converge, generate new business opportunities and alliances in the Latin America region "


Ryno Isaksson, general manager of Intermac, a company specialized in the commercialization of machinery for the metalworking industry, said “through the International Industrial Fair of Bogotá we realized that the national market is reactivating, and people want to return to investments technological, which represents an important opportunity to generate new business.”


Tabata Silva, ABIMAQ commercial promotion coordinator, said that “the fair is a high-quality relationship space for companies because it allows us to create ties with different companies and continue working with them in the future. In addition, the FIB allows contact with companies from countries in the region that do not have fairs similar to these, such as Ecuador, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, among others.”


William Benavides, general manager of Atlas Copco Colombia, said that “FIB meant a space to exhibit our technology that bets on the Colombian market. It allowed us to be close to our customers. We are satisfied with the results and hope to continue making new business. ”


Fabio Rodríguez, partner of BusWorld Latin America, revealed that “the call, participation and professional visitors was the ideal one, added to the excellent presentation of equipment and machinery for the industrial sector. FIB allowed us to generate qualified contacts with producers of chassis and bodybuilders in the passenger transport line”.


Undoubtedly, FIB will continue to be the space where the sectors that have contributed to the industrialization, modernization and automation of Colombia and the world converge, so it will continue to dynamically deliver the necessary tools to the region to be at the forefront of the Current demand models and supply of any industrial requirement.

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