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Bogota - Colombia


Innovative projects that transform the industry present at FIB

Colombia is ranked 63 among the most innovative economies according to the Global Innovation Index, GII. Therefore, it is not surprising that different spaces support and exhibit products that add value to the sectors that contribute to the country.


Given the above, in the XXXII edition of the International Industrial Fair of Bogotá, FIB, it has an Innovation Laboratory. This is the scenario that gives visibility to advances in technologies and / or processes developed by different exhibiting companies that, in this case, add value to the industrial sector and are committed to the continuous improvement and innovation of the country.


After the committee of the Universidad de los Andes - Innovandes qualified the proposals presented by various exhibitors, and taking into account the originality of the product or service to be marketed, the market impact and the marketing and marketing strategy, the products were chosen that visitors can observe during the FIB.


In the Innovation Laboratory are:


  • Datasur, a commercial intelligence tool, makes available to the general public the complete and detailed information on imports and exports from 76 countries on 4 continents.


  • This metasearch engine allows users to generate unlimited searches and downloads of declarations of entry, exit and manifests of transport of products through time series data with historical information.


  • The Smart Innovative Factory - SIF 400, whose purpose is to emulate an automated intelligent factory including new technologies related to industry 4.0. The System is organized around 13 work stations plus a mobile robot that acts as an operator assistant.


  • CASCOK®, portable equipment with ecological system for cleaning and disinfection of personal protection elements using saturated steam and ozone.


  • Ecovio®, a bioplastic whose main advantages is that 100% compostable and biodegradable biopolymer. The main areas of use are plastic films such as organic waste bags, dual-use bags or agricultural films. In addition, compostable packaging solutions can be produced with this.


  • Factory Business Intelligence Software delivers statistics and trends that facilitate decision making in real time.


  • Mundial de Tornillos presents the first biocomponent arm on the market by combining nylon and polypropylene. It gives strength and intelligence values ??since it acts with higher load values ??and acts according to the anchor base of the wall.


  • Ergopack aims to significantly improve safety and ergonomics in the field of manual pallet wrapping, focusing on innovative products with high functionality and unique and patented outlets.


  • Ramguz allows in real time, from anywhere, to review the state of the critical variables of hydraulic fluids and lubricants. The aforementioned has a reduction in costs, being able to carry out timely and immediate action plans.


  • IMOCOM S.A.S. It presents an offer of products that allow you to work with the technology used by major brands worldwide through the 3D printing service and advice on the development of the good implementation of this technology in your business.


  • SolidWorks provides powerful and intuitive solutions that drive innovation and cover all aspects of the product development process, with a seamlessly integrated workflow, which includes the stages of design, validation, sustainable design among others.

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