21th TO 25th



Bogota - Colombia


Digitech at the Bogotá International Industrial Fair "leading fair in the promotion of the different productive sectors of the country", will manage to integrate the digital transformation and automation in the most important industrial space of the region, becoming the key scenario to create the bases for the understanding of the different processes of implementation of the growing industry 4.0 in the country, through spaces of innovation, interaction, knowledge and business.
Objective of the Fair:
The DIGITECH Digital Transformation and Automation Show will be the ideal space for small, medium and large businesses to discover the different implementation processes of the growing 4.0 industry, through spaces of knowledge, innovation, interaction and business.  
Technologies that are driving industries in terms of competitiveness and new business models will be presented, such as industrial automation, digital manufacturing, the Internet of Things, among others. 
Digitech Fair Content: 
  • Industrial Automation
  • Industrial process automation: Control systems, PLC, industrial automation
  • Robotics: Cobots, mobile platforms, industrial robotics
  • Logistics and transport: positioning, intelligent storage
Digital Manufacturing
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Simulation and Analysis Solutions, Software: BI,ERP, Ecommerce, CRM, Data Analysis, 3D
  • Metrology and quality control
  • Energy efficiency
  • Nanotechnology
Industry 4.0
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • Cybersecurity
  • Machine Learning
  • The Internet of Things
  • Big Data and Analitics
  • ndustrial Cloud
Digitech Salon Value Proposition
Convene qualified professionals from sectors interested in the various technological solutions offered by the 4.0 industry in the market. 
To generate academic and experience spaces that allow the visitor to discover the different absorption and implementation processes of the technologies that are leading the Digital Transformation in companies.
To bring together actors from the ecosystem that develops and promotes the technologies of the industry 4.0, who are driving the entrepreneurs in terms of competitiveness and new business models, in a platform that allows to generate high value connections between these actors.
Digitech Salon Components
Commercial Exhibition - Pavilion 3 level 2: Presence of representative companies of the sector in different categories
Innovation and Experience Zone - Pavilion 3 level 2: Space where companies can exhibit their latest launches and innovations
Business Zone: Space aimed at networking and the development of business appointments 
Academic Agenda: Main Congress of the Fair  
What makes DIGITECH different?
Commercial and experience zone where brands can interact with professional visitors interested in their products and services, through the exhibition of products and services, workshop spaces, training, meetings with customers in VIP spaces, and other forms of participation, all within the ecosystem of digital transformation and automation.
Innovation zone with a space of experience called "the intelligent factory". The first space that will allow technologies to be interconnected, showing the visitor the benefits of the implementation of industrial digital transformation. 
Main congress focused on the applicability of digital transformation technologies in the industry, with international and national figures recognized in the industry, the academic and scientific world. 
Parallel academic spaces where participating brands and allies will talk about their latest advances, developments and success stories with the applicability of their technologies. 

Visitor·s Profile 
Industries called
  • Business Services
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Engineering and construction companies
  • Food and Beverage
  • Operation, maintenance and automation services
  • Oil and gas
  • Agribusiness and biofuels
  • Mining and metals
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Power generation
  • Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and personal care
  • Organizational Decision Makers and Influencers 
  • Among others

  • Presidents/Managers and General Directors
  • Director/Purchasing Managers
  • Consultants, IT Engineers
Industrial digitization
  • Director/Project Managers
  • Leaders in the areas of automation and IT control
  • Project Engineer
  • Plant and Maintenance Manager/Director
  • Manager/Director of Production
  • Operator, Consultant, Plant Engineer, System and Equipment Engineer/Integrator
  • Manager/Director of Logistics
  • Head/ Director of Planning and Logistics

Consumer connected
  • Leaders Business Intelligence and Planning
  • Manager/ Director of Marketing
  • Directors / Managers E commerce / Payment platforms
  • Director / Manager / CRM leader
  • Director/Manager/Leader Communications

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