11th Expoenergía 2024

FIIB 2024
Expoenergía, in its eleventh version, continues to position itself within the framework of the International Industrial Fair of Bogotá, “the largest Industrial fair in the Latin American Pacific region, Central America and the Caribbean.” As the platform for innovation and presentation of projects and latest trends in equipment, materials, products and services that cover the energy value chain.
It is the ideal setting to present projects and trends in the sector, given that it brings together energy generating, transporting and distributing companies, suppliers of goods and services, raw materials, materials, equipment, consulting, universities and research centers, to make commercial contacts and business at a national and international level and carry out knowledge transfer with experts and references in the sector.
In addition, the show offers participants the opportunity to generate and consolidate business opportunities and commercial exchange, as well as learn about new technologies, exchange ideas and debate industry trends.
For this eleventh version, Expoenergía focused and focused on clean and/or renewable energies.
Exhibitor profile:
  • Generation and transmission of energy. 
  • Power electronics.
  • Electrical substations.
  • Process control products.
  • Electricity measurement and control.
  • Power supplies/batteries/UPS
  • Lighting and industrial lighting systems.
  • Electrical Distribution and Transmission Equipment.
  • Industrial electrical components and accessories.
  • Electrical Installation and Industrial Electronic Equipment.
  • Engineering and consulting services.
  • Clean and/or renewable energies.

Visitor profile:
  • Industries invited to Expoenergía 
  • Energy Generators.
  • Electrifiers
  • Steel and metals
  • Energy and power
  • Metal Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical and biotechnology.
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Laboratories
  • Mining, Oil and Gas.
  • Plastics and rubbers.
  • Pulp and paper.
  • Refinement
  • Glass
  • Companies demanding different energy alternatives.
Main positions called:
  • Operations/production directors.
  • Directors/Chief/Coordinators of industrial maintenance.
  • Administration, purchasing and planning staff.
  • Directors/Heads of Technical Service.
  • Infrastructure and construction engineers. 
  • Chemical and instrumental head/coordinator.
  • Production and continuous improvement directors.
  • Refrigeration specialist.
  • Project Manager/Director/Engineer.
  • Negotiations manager.
  • Laboratory and quality manager.
  • Materials manager.
  • Head of welding division.
  • Supply and distribution director.
  • Electrical engineer for energy production.
  • Electric power generation plant manager.
  • Electrical power distribution engineer.
  • Electrical installation design engineer.
  • Installers and Integrators and contractors.
  • Electrical technicians and operators.


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