Feria internacional de Bogotá 2018 - Corferias
September 24th to 28th of 2018

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Andina Tube & Wire

AndinaFairs S.A.S is a Joint-Venture hosted in Barranquilla Colombia, founded by Colombian and foreign entrepreneurs with 10 years of experience in fairs and exhibitions in Latin-America. After many successfully promoted and commercialized fairs of our strategic partners, and after hundreds of foreign exhibitors catered in Latin-American countries; AndinaFairs S.A.S identified a non-attended market in the professional exhibitions industry  in the Andean and Caribbean region.
In this regions, there is a vast number of companies working with many kinds of cables, wires, tubes and valves, making it necessary to create a commercial fair focused on these kind of specific products; drawing a line between this innovative fair and more traditional activities like industrial, oil, logistic, electric and construction materials fairs.
The main reason AndinaTube & Wire is going to be best wire, cable, tube and valve fair in Latin-America is because this fair is highly specialized and focused on a specific industry, becoming the most direct and effective way for any attendant to find the best and most complete variety of these kind of products in the market.
It doesn’t matter the commercial activity or industrial sector of your company. If you work manufacturing, importing, wholesaling or retailing wires, cables, tubes or valves, is impossible to find a better way to find more specific and professional clients other than attending AndinaTube & Wire 2017.
On the other hand, if your company purchases or uses these kind of products, there is no other commercial platform where you can find better alternatives of these products than AndinaTube & Wire 2017.


Manufacturers, exporters, importers, wholesalers, retailers of WIRE and TUBE.
Electrical cables, products for public lighting infrastructure, data and optic fiber, construction industry wires, industrial process wires, Auxiliary process technology materials, material, special wires and cables.
Wire manufacturing and finishing machinery, process technology tools, Specialists areas, test engineering, measuring and control technology, chemicals and derivates used in the manufacturing of cables.

  • Tubes and valves for the construction of public works, tubes and valves for civil construction, tubes and valves for oil and gas transportation
  • Tubes with seams and seamless in carbon steel, alloy, cast iron, stainless steel, duplex, special super duplex, titanium, high NI and CU-NI alloys
  • Drawn tubes, tube support, tiles – rolling, Keystone and multi-fold, Straps for lifting and mooring belt charges for work at height, Steel plate, Steel coils, Sleeves, Reductors, pumps and moto pumps, metal expansion joints, rubber and dielectric, Mechanicals seals, Flange, Couplings, Connections and industrial accessories, Blanques, Bars and profiles.


  • Construction contractors, Hardware and Construction materials retail owners and managers, Electrical industry companies purchasing managers, Builders of public and private civil constructions, Contractors and builders of oil and gas infrastructure.Any company related to these industries: Tractors and applicators, chemical and petrochemical, oil and gas, paper and cellulose, naval, furniture, mining, metallurgical, metalworking, infrastructure, pharmacist, electrical and electronic, two wheels, civil construction, capital goods, drinks, automobile, food and agribusiness
  • Manufacturers of wire and cables looking for professional equipment, machines and supplies
  • Manufacturers of wire and cables looking for professional equipment, machines and supplies
  • Manufacturers of tubes and valves looking for professional equipment, machines and supplies


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Centro internacional de negocios y exposiciones – Corferias